‘Being Human’ star on Hal/Alex: ‘It’s a bit of a rollercoaster’

alex 5

Being Human star Kate Bracken has revealed that “things do get incredibly complicated” for ghost Alex and vampire Hal in the show’s final episodes.

The BBC announced earlier this month that the current series of the supernatural drama will be the last.

Bracken teased: “[Hal and Alex’s] relationship was never easy and it doesn’t get any simpler. They originally met because there was an attraction there and that initial feeling hasn’t really gone away so it’s a bit of a rollercoaster.”

She added: “They have their good days and their bad days but at the end of it all, they are there for each other. But things do get incredibly complicated, especially when Hal starts to descend into a downward spiral. Alex tries to see past it but it gets to a point where it’s too difficult for her and she just can’t deal with it anymore.”

Series 5 is currently airing at 10pm on Sunday nights on BBC Three. The last ever episode will air on Sunday 10 March.

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