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‘Doctor Who’: ‘Day Of The Moon’ review

It takes a television series of exceptional quality - and daring - to satisfy its audience without answering almost any of the questions posed in the preceding episode of a two-part story. Yet this is precisely what Doctor Who achieves in ‘Day Of The Moon’.

‘Exile’: Episode 1 review

Created by Paul Abbott (Shameless) and written by Danny Brocklehurst (The Street, Clocking Off), BBC One’s Exile is a three-part psychological drama concerned with the impermanence of remembrance and the persistence of memory.

‘Spiral: The Butcher Of La Villette’: Episodes 9 & 10 review

‘Three years in Seine-Saint-Denis would make any policeman corrupt,’ says Crime Squad Superintendent Brémont (Bruno Debrant) in this week’s double-episode of police drama Spiral, but it’s highly unlikely it takes anyone in the French justice system that long.

‘Doctor Who’: ‘Day Of The Moon’ spoiler-free review

Steven Moffat is the finest writer in British television. There - we said what you were already thinking. His episodes of Doctor Who are as densely packed as Imelda Marcos’s holiday shoebox, each story brimming with inspiration, emotion and an endless stream of mind-boggling moments.

‘The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher’ review

Based on a bestselling book of the same name by Kate Summerscale, ITV1's The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher recounts the true story of a tragic murder in a Victorian household in Wiltshire.

‘Doctor Who’ review: ‘The Impossible Astronaut’

After Steven Moffat and Matt Smith’s first season of Doctor Who became more of a wild success than even they could perhaps have hoped, any fears of a second year slump should be quickly erased by this extremely accomplished opener. While RTD’s Who was certainly a more straight-forward monster-of-the-week affair, dealing primarily with monsters and aliens...

‘Spiral: The Butcher Of La Villette’: Episodes 7 & 8 review

Despite a profound inability to work together without breaking the law, making horrendous cock-ups or screaming at each other, Captain Laure Berthaud (Caroline Proust) and her CID team finally start making some progress in their pursuit of the titular killer this week.

‘United’ review

Based on the real life events pre and post the 1958 Munich air crash that saw eight of the Manchester United football team lose their lives, United is a one-off feature-length drama from BBC Two starring Doctor Who's David Tennant and Mission Impossible II actor Dougray Scott.

‘The Reckoning’: Episode 1 review

When call-centre worker and former nurse Sally Wilson (Ashley Jensen) discovers she has been bequeathed five million pounds in the will of someone she’s never heard of, it should be the windfall that she needs to provide expensive treatment for her seriously ill daughter.