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‘Women In Love’: Episode 1 review

Women In Love, a two-part dramatisation of the D.H. Lawrence novels Women In Love and The Rainbow, traces the complex lives of two sexually-liberated sisters living in the early years of the twentieth century.

‘Twenty Twelve’: Episode 2 review

After an opening episode that some felt was disappointing, given the quality of the writer and cast, it’s a relief to announce that the second instalment of Twenty Twelve is very much up to the high comic standard of John Morton’s previous work.

‘Doctor Who’: Red Nose Day 2011 review

We don’t get a new series of Doctor Who until 2011’s ridiculously-late Easter, but in the interim, we have two small and perfectly formed little eggs of a story thanks to Comic Relief, titled ‘Space’ and 'Time'.

‘Christopher And His Kind’ review

Kind can mean a group, the ability to treat others well, and - if your German translation isn’t that hot - child. It’s that mixture of youthfulness, shared experience, and compassion (or lack thereof) that make up the main themes of Christopher And His Kind.

‘Waking The Dead’: Series 9 Episode 1 review

It’s always a tough question in television: when should you stop? Do you continue for as long as you can stave off jumping the shark and then disappear in a cloud of mediocrity? Or do you announce a final series and do your darndest to make it the best yet?

‘Twenty Twelve’: Episode 1 review

Slipping out with little fanfare, oh the irony, is a new "mockumentary" (no, stick with us) from BBC Four following the Olympic Deliverance team as they prepare London for the big event in 2012.

‘Monroe’: Episode 2 review

'So you read minds as well as cure them, do you?’, an angry parent snaps at Doctor Gabriel Monroe in the second instalment of ITV1’s new medical drama series.