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‘The Shadow Line’: Episode 3 review

Like the drugs at the heart of the late Harvey Wratton’s empire, The Shadow Line has become addictive in a slow, almost sneaky manner. After an unhurried, take-it-or-leave it start, it has insidiously built up to the point where now, three episodes in, it has become impossible to break free of its grip.

‘Doctor Who’: ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ review

As many of you will know, this is one of the episodes fandom has been awaiting with some internet-beating excitement. The very notion of a Neil Gaiman Doctor Who story seems so perfect that we wonder why it's taken just so long for this union to happen.

‘Scott & Bailey’: Episode 1 review

ITV1’s new female-led detective series, starring Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp as Rachel Bailey and Janet Scott, detective constables in the Manchester Metropolitan police, promises a great deal but - on the evidence of this opening hour, at least - delivers very little.

‘Psychoville’: Series 2 Episode 2 review

Now that it’s been firmly established that more people than you might have expected survived the events at the end of Series 1, things are settling into the routine (well, as routine as it ever gets around here) of ensuring that this time round, no-one is safe from a grisly dispatch.

‘The Shadow Line’: Episode 2 review

The principal problem with The Shadow Line is its identity crisis. At times, it’s a fascinating noir-ish thriller; at others, it feels like an unwieldy Shakespearian melodrama that has somehow lost its way en route to the RSC and found itself on the telly instead.

‘The Shadow Line’: Episode 1 review

Appropriately, given that it begins with the discovery of a body, the opening episode of The Shadow Line moves at a pace that’s almost funereal, although that isn’t to say it’s boring.

‘Doctor Who’: Series 6 Episode 3 spoiler-free review

After the tumultuous events of Series 6's opening two-parter comes the more traditional "onesy" - and an historical episode at that! Pirates are the order of the day for Team TARDIS as they find themselves aboard a doomed ship...