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‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’: Episode 7 review

‘It gets better,’ Jack Harkness remarks, perhaps having viewed the rushes of Episode 7, ‘then it gets worse again.’ If any story is a microcosm of the season as a whole, it’s this one.

‘Chickens’ pilot review

Written by and starring Simon Bird, Jonny Sweet and Joe Thomas, this new comedy pilot from Channel 4 could be, if we were being lazy, described as The Inbetweeners: 1914.

‘Strike Back: Project Dawn’: Episode 1 review

The body of Spooks with very little of the brains, the first episode of Sky1’s Strike Back: Project Dawn offers much in the way of nudity and action, but little in the way of a compelling narrative.

‘Beaver Falls’: Episode 4 review

Wow! Rani from The Sarah Jane Adventures has grown up, hasn’t she? Not so long ago, she was fighting aliens in Bannerman Road. Now, she’s all legs and seduction, stirring up Beaver Falls’ very own love quartet.

‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’: Episode 5 review

‘Torchwood’s gone,’ Rex tells Vera in the fifth instalment of Miracle Day. ‘It’s just a name, these days.’ Yet for a number of reasons, this is perhaps the most Torchwoodian episode of the series yet.

‘Beaver Falls’: Episode 3 review

Three weeks in, and the show is avoiding some of the worse gross-out gags that plagued the first episode and is mining a new seam of sentimentality, thanks to that mainstay of teen drama: parent-child relationships.