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‘Injustice’: Episode 5 review

After five nights of misleading flashbacks, misremembered evidence and mystifyingly un-barrister-like behaviour, the verdict is in on Anthony Horowitz’s suffocation-in-Suffolk psychodrama.

‘Psychoville’: Series 2 Episode 6 review

Last time, we were discussing the logic and challenge of producing a sitcom that has more sit than com. In this, the final episode of Psychoville’s second series, that trend continues.

‘The Shadow Line’: Episode 6 review

After several weeks of soul-searching and self-doubt, DI Jonah Gabriel (Chiwetel Ejiofor) finally establishes which side of the line he was on before being shot in the head - and who his real enemies are.

‘Doctor Who’: ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ review

In direct contrast to its predecessor, 'A Good Man Goes To War’ is a stunning, iconic celebration of everything that makes Doctor Who so good, let down by an ending so tepid it’s like finishing the best meal you’ve ever had with a glass of lukewarm orange squash.

‘Case Histories’: Episode 1 review

The arrival of yet another British crime drama series isn’t necessarily reason to break out a bottle of champagne and smash it against the side of the telly. Happily, Case Histories is more than capable of fighting its corner.

‘Psychoville’: Series 2 Episode 5 review

When is a sitcom not a sitcom? When the Venn diagram of situation to comedy is balanced heavily in favour of the non-funny bits? This certainly seems to be the case with Psychoville as it nears the end of its second series.

‘Luther’: Series 2 Episode 1 review

‘It’s all very soul destroying, isn’t it - actual police work?’ remarks DCI John Luther to his protégé DS Justin Ripley at the beginning of Episode 1 of this new series.

‘The Shadow Line’: Episode 5 review

Over the course of its first four episodes, The Shadow Line has matured from an overwrought, rather confused melodrama plagued with florid verbosity into one of the BBC’s best thrillers in a very long time. In the fifth instalment, it gets even better.

‘Doctor Who’: ‘The Almost People’ review

After a promising but ultimately disappointing opening, the concluding episode of this two-part story was not only charged with rescuing the floundering tale of the doppelgangers in the acid-mining monastery, but also leading into the much-hyped mid-series finale.