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‘Doctor Who’: ‘Night Terrors’ review

Written by that practised purveyor of petrifaction, Mark Gatiss, ‘Night Terrors’ sees the Doctor, Amy and Rory summoned across the stars by an eight year old boy named George (Jamie Oram), who is terrified of... well, just about everything.

‘Doctor Who’: ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ review

We were worried. We were scared that Steven Moffat had finally overreached himself and that ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ might be as disappointing as the conclusion of the otherwise majestic ‘A Good Man Goes to War’. We were wrong. Picking up a few hazy summer months after that strangely numbing mid-series finale, a bombardment of instantly...

‘The Field of Blood’: Episode 1 review

Written and directed by David Kane from the novel by Denise Mina, The Field of Blood is a thriller so smothered in nicotinic, 1980s nostalgia it could almost be called 'Fag-ashes to Fag-ashes'.

‘Page Eight’ review

The dilemma of whether to serve the interests of one’s country, one’s loved ones or one’s superiors lies at the heart of David Hare’s one-off spy thriller.