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‘Beaver Falls’: Episode 4 review

Wow! Rani from The Sarah Jane Adventures has grown up, hasn’t she? Not so long ago, she was fighting aliens in Bannerman Road. Now, she’s all legs and seduction, stirring up Beaver Falls’ very own love quartet.

‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’: Episode 5 review

‘Torchwood’s gone,’ Rex tells Vera in the fifth instalment of Miracle Day. ‘It’s just a name, these days.’ Yet for a number of reasons, this is perhaps the most Torchwoodian episode of the series yet.

‘Beaver Falls’: Episode 3 review

Three weeks in, and the show is avoiding some of the worse gross-out gags that plagued the first episode and is mining a new seam of sentimentality, thanks to that mainstay of teen drama: parent-child relationships.

‘The Man Who Crossed Hitler’ review

In 1931, a young Jewish prosecutor at the central criminal court decided to force Adolf Hitler to appear as a witness at the trial of some brownshirt brutes accused of murdering innocent civilians.

‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’: Episode 6 spoiler-free review

Warning: this episode does not feature either Bill Pullman or Lauren Ambrose. As their antics have been some of the most entertaining aspects of the series so far, this results in the sixth instalment falling somewhat short of interest.

‘The Hour’: Episode 3 review

The Hour is never less than compelling television, but on the occasions when it really steps up its game, it becomes something rather unmissable.

‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’: Episode 4 review

‘Torchwood located,’ C. Thomas Howell’s nameless assassin announces at the beginning of ‘Escape to L.A.’ - and although, of course, he’s talking about the newly-formed team, he could equally be referring to the show itself.

‘Falling Skies’: Episode 5 review

Five episodes in and Falling Skies remains a curious and somewhat frustrating show. It’s got a classic sci-fi premise, yet something about it never quite convinces.