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Liar episode 2 review: She’s lied about something like this before

In my review of the first episode of Liar, I was quite firm in my belief that narratives like this told in the mainstream without proper vetting by victims and experts can do unimaginable damage. I still believe that, but episode two of the ITV drama furthers my opinion on both sides of the fence.

Liar episode one review

Spoilers for episode one of Liar lie ahead. Television writers seem to quite like writing about sexual assault. It’s an easy shortcut to drama, romantic escalation between the (almost always female) victim and their (always male) savior, and the instant vilification of the attacker. When Game of Thrones was pulled up a couple of years...

Torchwood – The Dying Room review

With August seeing the launch of Torchwood: Aliens Among Us, a new series styled as the official continuation of the TV show, it would be easy to overlook ‘The Dying Room’, the 18th release in the regular monthly range. To do so however, would be to miss out on a highly enjoyable – and unusual –...