‘Doctor Who’ writer Toby Whithouse: ‘It’s always a huge challenge’

Being Human creator Toby Whithouse has described Doctor Who as “an incredibly difficult show to write”.

Having previously written Series 2’s School Reunion, Series 5’s The Vampires of Venice and Series 6’s The God Complex, Whithouse will return for Series 7 with his fourth episode.

Speaking to BBC America’s Anglophenia blog to promote the new series of Being Human, the writer revealed: “Doctor Who is always a joy to write. It never gets boring, it never gets dull, it never gets routine.”

He continued: “It’s an incredibly difficult show to write because it’s remarkably complex, but it also has to have such momentum and pace. And within that there has to be room for character and humour and so on. It’s always a huge challenge but always extraordinary fun. That’s why I keep going back.”

Series 4 of Being Human began on BBC America last night and continues on BBC Three tonight at 9pm with A Spectre Calls.

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