Top 10 monsters from Matt Smith’s ‘Doctor Who’ era

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat, the man with the direct line to your childhood nightmares, has overseen the creation of some of the show’s most memorable antagonists during Matt Smith’s tenure.

He’s brought us Headless Monks, rotating-faced Winders, sexy vampire fish… he’s even taught us to be wary of black cubes. Is there no end to the man’s creepy creativity? God, we hope not.

Last month CultBox asked you to vote for your favourite Moffat era monster (or ‘Moffster’. No… no, we’re never saying that again…), and then we wiped your mind straight after so that we didn’t have to kill the Star Whale.

You watched! You voted! You’ve only got yourselves to blame if you don’t like the results…


10. Prisoner Zero

Aww, c’mon! No love for the weird morphing intergalactic angler fish who basically sums up more than 2 years of Moffat plot lines in just one cryptic warning? For shame, people. Just because it hasn’t quite got the mouths figured out.


9. Peg Dolls

Big heads, unsettling giggling, and the ability to turn you into one of their demented whittled ranks; the Peg Dolls are the scariest things to come out of a toy cupboard since the Cabbage Patch Kid craze.

Like all the best frightening things, they’re scary because they’re a familiar thing twisted into something uncanny and dangerous.


8. The Flesh

They’re you, but in goo. It’s surprising so few found The Flesh a good monster, but then what do you have in mind when you think of The Flesh?

Ganger folk who look like a hungover version of you? A cauldron of suspiciously active opalescent porridge? A weird gloopy-monster-lady? Perhaps it’s because they’re so hard to pin down that they didn’t rank higher.


7. House

Star Trek has them by the bucketload, but in our opinion there aren’t enough malevolent baritone-voiced gas monsters in Doctor Who.

Having hosted more Time Lords than a Gallifreyan Come Dine With Me, House (voiced by Michael Sheen) has got ‘evil entity’ down to a fine art, and becomes all the more scary when he turns the familiar TARDIS into his own rat maze.


6. The Gunslinger

He might look like a Westworld reject, but The Gunslinger is basically Frankenstein’s Monster in a Stetson… and with a whopping great cannon strapped to his arm. How cool’s that?

Plus he’s exactly the sort of character you can imagine Moffat bringing back as heavy arsenal should The Doctor ever have another Demon’s Run situation on his hands.


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  • ssn708

    Aw BS. The angels are a Tenant monster. Every episode with Smith diminished them more and more, until they were a complete joke. Should have just left them with “blink”.

  • CyberLeader

    @ ssn708 no one said that the Weeping Angels were a Smith’s monster, it states monsters from Matt Smith’s era.

    And you sound like a Tennant fan who still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Matt Smith had a good run and has a brilliant following. I suppose that if the Weeping Angels return that they will be even a bigger joke to you?

  • CyberLeader

    Anyways, I think that the Whisper Men were pretty freaky. A wonder they didn’t get mentioned.

  • Guest

    #Vigil. What, don’t remember them? Those were the creepy whispering things in “The Rings of Akhaten”. Other than that easily House. We should have seen more of both.