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Five great Doctor Who Cybermen stories

Three generations of Cybermen are due to return in Doctor Who episode ‘World Enough and Time’, so we thought we’d look back a five great Cyber-stories from the show’s past. 

Top 5 Doctor Who Scottish stories

As this week’s Doctor Who, The Eaters of Light, takes place in 2nd Century Scotland, here are our Top 5 Scottish stories from the show’s history.

The Top 5 ‘Doctor Who’ Monks

The Timelord’s latest foe are not the first characters he’s encountered with that name, here are our Top 5 Doctor Who Monks

Top 5 ‘Doctor Who’ religious figures

In a change from rubbing shoulders with political figures like Winston Churchill and Richard Nixon, this week’s episode of Doctor Who, ‘Extremis’, sees the Time Lord recruited by none other than the Pope. While Doctor Who generally has little time for religion – although the Third Doctor famously took some inspiration from Buddhist teachings – it does...

Here are the 5 ‘Doctor Who’ space stations we’d least like to get stuck on

After this week’s breathless events on the mining station Chasm Forge, we thought we might consider some of the other space station environments the Doctor has visited in his travels. And there have been plenty, from W3 (‘The Wheel in Space’), which suffered a nasty Cybermat infestation, to ‘Terminus’, final destination for those suffering from...